Monday, October 13, 2014

Mobile Dental Units Expanding your Services and Alleviating Struggles

Mobile Dental Units alleviate the struggles for patients in need of dental care to travel to a fixed facility location that may have difficulties with transportation or live in rural areas. Mobile dental units will provide dentists with creating a more flexible schedule to work around the patients and the business.

Mobility and Versatility are key elements for a successful outreach program. Our units are designed for future expansion and adaptability to different situations and conditions. With designs ranging from self propelled to semi-stationary trailers, AGI is enabling access to dental services throughout the world. Mobile dental units are an ever expanding necessity of the dental industry and accommodate to those individuals that live in remote areas or have limitations of traveling to a fixed facility for dental care.

Each mobile dental unit is fabricated to meet your specific needs and the interior is designed to meet your organization's needs.. We also offer custom graphics to help you brand your unit. A 3D model of the mobile dental unit is presented and reviewed with each customer prior to manufacturing. We offer a variety of features, including ADA compliant wheelchair lifts. Mobile dental units come standard with the following features; commercial chassis- popular brands, chassis / body removal for future replacement, aluminum body construction, high grade body insulation throughout, interior headroom 81 inches and recessed fluorescent lighting system. The benefits that come along with a mobile dental unit include; tailored designs, custom fabrication, expandable, green energy, low maintenance, user friendly, spacious, storage and lightweight.

Aleph Group Inc. is proud to partner with local and world wide dental care companies and organizations to help expand their services, so that they may serve the communities they live in. If a mobile dental unit or lab may positively impact your business or organization and the community contact Aleph Group Inc. today. Email us at or call us (951)213-4815.

"At Aleph Group Inc., we have experienced the power of human potential, and are committed to exploring the possibilities of growth with everyone who comes in contact with us." - Aleph Group Inc.

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