Monday, November 10, 2014

Ebola is a Global Issue that requires a Global Response

As of November 4, 2014 there has been 13,268 confirmed, probable or suspected cases of the ebola virus throughout the globe(CNN). Tackle Ebola is an initiative started to bring awareness to the public and generate donations to specific causes and organizations to help in the fight. The initiative has committed to at least $100 million to tackle Ebola. The efforts to stop the virus has been distributed across a variety of categories, including; protection kits, medical clinics, people training, AID flights, equipment and emergency operation centers that are equipped and staffed.

Tackle Ebola will be benefiting major projects in need, like the Ebola medevac fund. This fund ensures that any health care worker who becomes infected can be evacuated and treated. The public hand washing stations project is committed to creating six thousand hand washing stations that is a cost effective solution to help prevent Ebola. For children that are affected by the Ebola virus the project, protection for orphans and children affected by Ebola, is ensuring that children affected Ebola receive proper care. To learn how you can help with these projects and more click here.

Aleph Group Inc. wants to do its part in the fight to Tackle Ebola. Through the design and manufacturing of decontamination units, organizations can deploy emergency services at a moments notice. These mobile units are modified to adapt to different situations and conditions. Decontamination units alleviate the struggles for organizations to help prevent the spread of the Ebola virus by properly initiating the sterilization procedures. Take a deeper look into decontamination units and how they can tackle Ebola.

"Aleph Group Inc. has experienced the power of human potential and are committed to exploring the possibilities of growth with everyone who comes in contact with us." - Aleph Group Inc.

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