Monday, December 1, 2014

The Simple Guide to Understanding World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is held on December 1st each year and is an opportunity for people to come together in the fight against HIV. This day is also focused on supporting people living with HIV and commemorating those people who have died from the virus. The very first World AIDS Day was held in 1988 and has been reoccurring every year since.

How do I help or get involved with this cause? There are many simple ways anyone can support this cause and bring awareness in your community. One way is to wear a red ribbon, which is the international symbol for HIV awareness. To take it to the next step of showing your support and bringing awareness you may sell the red ribbons to benefit the fight against HIV/AIDS. If you or a group of people feel inspired to host an event, such as bake sale, donation drive or whatever amazing ideas you may have, all the support is very much appreciated. With help planning your event visit this step by step event planning guide.

The 2014 theme for World AIDS Day is, "Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS Free Generation." This theme is centered on the idea of people, communities and the world coming together to take action in this fight. As we all should know, social media is a powerful tool when it comes to word of mouth and bringing awareness. With such success with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, World AIDS Day hopes to have an even greater achievement. To help show your support with your simple, powerful and engaging ways, use the hash-tag (#WAD2014), and help spread the word. Another way to show your support is to use the image below as your profile picture or embed on your website.

Aleph Group Inc. is always looking to new ways to help our community and the world with the struggles that many people face. World AIDS Day is a very significant cause and a fight that we would want to support. AGI designs and manufactures mobile clinics that may be developed specifically for HIV testing. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are currently 35 million people living with HIV worldwide and of that, 19 million are unaware they have the virus. A mobile clinic can alleviate some struggles for those who may not want to visit a HIV testing facility and expand their services, so that they may bring the testing to them. To learn if a mobile clinic may be right for your company or organization visit the mobile clinic landing page.

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