Thursday, December 3, 2015

Homelessness Is Solvable

On a cold Winter’s night in January 2014, nearly 578,424 were experiencing a state of homelessness in the United States. Of those homeless 216,197 were families, the rest individuals including veterans.  It was concluded around 15% of the US population did not have a home.

What does “getting by” mean to someone who is homeless? A single homeless person in the United States can find shelter at a local rescue ministry or Salvation Army, however, the process is complicated and can usually be drawn out for days.  There is a specific hierarchy of importance by which most shelters abide by where women with children and veterans are prioritized and usually have first access to whatever is available. Others must call back on a daily basis and use valuable minutes on these calls that could be otherwise used for possible employers. Most resort to staying outdoors, sleeping underneath covered sidewalks on city streets, on park benches, cars, or campsites; a dilemma that poses several issues. 

          The experience in its entirety is terrifying, exhausting, and dehumanizing. There is no guarantee that the next day will be easy.  One who is homeless becomes invisible to society, susceptible to hate crime violence, assault, and theft on a daily basis.  They risk becoming undernourished with no guarantee when the next meal will be. Those homeless struggle with the human service systems attempting to keep appointments with no transportation. Most find it difficult to merely find a place to rest. People BECOME homeless when they lack the basic accommodations to help them weather a common- crisis.

Homelessness is solvable. With rescues reaching capacity there has been a need for a more accessible solution. AGI has designed containerized units to fulfill an incredibly simple need: Shelter. 

These metal boxes helped reshape global trade as we now know it today by weathering through the worst conditions and protecting what contents it held. Containers are cost efficient, durable, and sustainable.  With our partners, we strive to push homelessness into an issue of the distant past and restore wholeness to our communities.  


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