Friday, February 24, 2017

Southern Nevada Health District’s Mobile Immunization Clinic

With flu season among us,
ABC news has reported that more and more hospitals are running out of beds, due to the high amount of patients coming in for the flu. Across the United States, about 40 states are reporting higher amounts of flu activity. Dr. Michael Neely, Interim Chief of infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, “If you compare this time last year we’re seeing twice as many flu cases.  If it keeps going up at this rate and stays up then we will see a lot more cases this year.”

It’s therefore important, now more than ever to get to a clinic, hospital, or better yet, a mobile clinic. As stated earlier, with hospitals running low on beds, mobile clinics, and portable hospitals are the next location you want to visit. The Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD), for example is doing their part in providing vaccinations to the Clark County community through a mobile immunization clinic, which is currently under construction by Aleph Group Inc (AGI). Although we’re in the middle of February, it is never too late to get a vaccination.

According to Richard Cichy, a nurse at SNHD, their main goal is to encourage vaccinations anytime and anywhere with the use of their mobile clinic. Although the vaccine takes roughly about two weeks to be fully effective, Cichy also provided some helpful tips for preventing family and friends from getting a cold, such as:
·         Wash your hands
·         Cover your cough (and not with your hands)
·         Stay at home if you need to (no seriously, studies have found that isolating yourself will help make you feel better!)

The mobile immunization clinic will contain three semi-private rooms to which patients will be tended to and given their vaccinations. While waiting, patients will have the opportunity to sit down and relax in front of a 47” LCD T.V. The mobile clinic will have restrooms for patients, and what mobile immunization is incomplete without a laboratory! For more information on or a custom quote for a mobile clinic, feel free to contact us.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

American Heart Month

As we feel our heart pumping while we work on a client’s mobile clinic, we work to the beat of not only some great music, but our heart. We all know that the heart is not only the most vital organ of our body, but it also helps us keep a steady pace on our work, find a rhythm, or simply just remind us that we’re here and alive. Which is why it is important to not only get your heart checked out every now and then at a mobile clinic, but to be aware of any risks your heart may be in. This February, we celebrate not only Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, but also American Heart Month.

According to statistics conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. From cholesterol, cardiac arrest, heart attack, diabetes and so on, women are more likely to suffer from heart diseases. Although women are more likely to die of heart disease, the same amount of women and men die every year of cardiac arrest in the United States. The number one prevention that we at AGI truly helps fight heart disease, is knowledge. The knowledge to not only know when to get your heart checked out, but also know how to stop or prevent heart diseases from affecting your family and friends.

Now more than ever is there more of a great opportunity to get your health examined for not only your basic checkup, but talk to your doctor about heart diseases, and if your family has a history of heart diseases. With mobile clinics just around the corner, having a health exam has never been easier! Having the access to health care is not only important to prevent heart diseases, but you’re also emphasizing the importance of knowledge. By participating in a health exam or even learning CPR at a mobile CPR center, you’re taking the right steps towards heart awareness.