Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Health Should Be A High Priority For Everyone

When we think of health and wellness, majority of the public believe that weight is their biggest issue. However, everyone should keep in mind that it’s not just about weight but being at peace with your body both inside and out. How can health professionals stress this to their patients but also practice what they preach? Using tips from doctors, AGI found some important tips to keep in mind in order to not only help the community achieve their health priorities, but also to uncover any myths that may be most commonly misunderstood.

Connecting With Your Patients: Creating A Positive Environment For All

Encourage patients to visit your office or mobile clinic, at least, once a year. Though every patient may require more frequent health supervision, it’s important to emphasize your relationship with your patient’s health by being open to any and all questions they will have. By inspiring them with your availability to their health concerns, patients will also gain access to an education of their body. Explaining the importance of staying informed about their body, both physically and mentally, is going to help patients stay informed about themselves and as well as any new health information that could affect them personally.
Whether underweight, overweight, or just an average weight, creating a space for patients to feel comfortable in their own body is going to help them keep them positive and focused on keeping their body healthy. We can list a variety of diets and workouts that people from around the world may use, but none of that matters, if a patient does not have proper support provided. Mobile wellness centers will not only help create such support, but it will help encourage all body types to have a space of education on weight issues, and understanding how not everything works the same for all body types. Providing a space for all is not only going to help patients develop an education on their body, but it’ll connect them to other people who may have experience similar to theirs, which brings the community one step closer to creating active participation on health issues.

Prevention & Intervention

Preventing health issues to reoccur is a main concern for not only the patient but the community as well. Understanding causes of a rise in certain infections or diseases in the community will help develop and understand what action needs to take place in order to not only find a solution, but also a method of preventing these issues to reoccur. Whether using immunizations or educating the public about health diseases and infections, both are going to help create a heightened awareness    s about their health, as well as create a stronger emphasis on community outreach.  

Creating a support intervention team that aids a patient’s health issue is crucial to preventing further health risks. Implementing these programs around the community will create a priority for certain health risks that require a stronger supervision. Creating mobile clinics that specialized in certain health issues, such as AIDS/HIV, cancer, and so on, will help take action in lowering the community’s health risks on such conditions. 

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