Monday, July 23, 2018


Mobilehealth care clinics provide a much-needed role in providing high-quality, lowcost care to “at risk” populations. They are also of great use in communitieswith the working poor, who have little or no access to insurance or medicalfacilities. Mobile Medical Clinics can be targeted to the needs of your specific population. Many of the under-served populations have barriers which can include: language and cultural barriers, legal status, gender and sexual orientation. Some have the worry of privacy and being
stigmatized; such as HIV, AIDS, STD patients.
At Aleph Group, we recognized the purpose and need for mobile healthcare clinics. Many units are used to provide the great need for medical facilities that can move from one client base to another.  By offering a specific schedule of hours and locations, one unit can serve multiple communities.  Hospitals and health systems often lack access to, or even the knowledge/expertise on the ways necessary to control health at the community level. Instead of struggling to develop these skills, care delivery organizations can partner with mobile clinics that have experience in addressing the health needs of communities. Mobile clinics are uniquely qualified to provide high-quality care to under-served populations and can do it at a HUGE cost savings.

AGI has produced many mobile medical, dental and bloodmobiles for these communities at large. We are happy to show you the results of these units on their perspective communities. Below you will find a plan that gives you the basics, for getting a mobile unit in your community.

We at Aleph Group, Inc. would love to hear your thoughts on mobile medical units. We invite you to share ideas and will answer your questions about mobile medical units and their services to the community. Let our experience, of years in the mobile medical business, help you find your right path 
to helping others as well as your bottom line.


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